Katsiaryna Sumarava


Born on April 22, 1979 in Minsk, Belarus.
1990-1995 Student at Belarusian lyceum of arts named after Akhremchik, Minsk Belarus
1995-1998 student at Belarusian college of arts named after Akhremchik, Minsk Belarus
1998-2004 student at Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Minsk Belarus
2005 “Free research” at the Academy of Arts, Carrara, Italy
Since 2007 - a member of the Union of Artists of Belarus
2008 – a member of the Council of young creators at the Confederation of Creation Unions of Belarus

Since 2000 Katsyaryna Sumarava takes an active part in international en plein air sessions (more than 10 times), contests and festivals in Belarus, Poland, Lithuanian, Slovenia, Japan etc.

K. Sumarava’s works are in Museum of contemporary art, Minsk, Belarus; Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Minsk. Belarus; Art gallery of National Polotsk Historical Cultural Museum-Reserve; private collections in Belarus and abroad.

Katsyaryna Sumarava. Subjective landscape of the beginning of the century

When you see Katsyaryna Sumarava's picturesque works for the first
time, you feel touched and moved by the visual power and emotional
expression of such bright pictures.The sensitive use of color is one of
the dominant features of her creative methodological approach to
transforming a visualized landscape into an expressive picture.Her
structured love for nature touches upon other aspects as well.She draws
the viewer's attention to the theme of the artist's creation-process.It
is up to the viewer to look beyond the colored landscape-themes the
artist shows you--inviting you for an artistic expedition to discover
her "internalized" vision of the landscapes she is so enthusiastic about
and she willingly and creatively sublimates.The obvious visible object
is transformed by the artist into a world of her own.The "obvious" and
the "intellectually-emotionally"treated piece of art, influenced by the
esoteric sub-conscience:This juxtaposion of intertwined, differently
acting factors is a revealing feature of creative processes.It is up to
the viewer to look beyond the colored landscape-themes the artist shows
you, to start an artistic expedition with "her" to her internalized
vision of the landscapes she is so thrilled about and she
willingly-passionately constantly sublimates.This process of creation is
a value in itself.The artist moves away from the dominant "outside
world"/a "materialistic empire" towards presenting a landscape mirroring
a living image full of human emotions.It is exciting to observe the
maturing of first reflections and discover her efforts to overcome
existing boundaries in art and to move towards new frontiers are taking
shape in a transparent manner.

The color is not just a structural pillar of her creative talents.It is
a reflection of her intellectualized experience.It is the expression of
an imaginative artist using the artistic space and being--at the same
time--aware of its relativity.A generalized landscape multiplied by an
intensive blue generates a dimensional depth.Being present in many of
her works it penetrates the conscience of the viewer.The choice of
another set of a color-platform excites her as if that led to an opening
up of a new path to a new sovereign territory.In order to familiarize
the viewer with as many colors as possible K. Sumarava--alongside with
her overall artistic approach--gives her work a lyrical softness and an
airy subtlety.The modern conceptual search influences the picturesque
ensemble she enshrines in her work.They are impregnated by an insatiable
thirst to observe picturesque reflections of a delicate nature
confronted with a subjective approach/interpretation.

In K. Sumarava's work we do not see vividly overpowering emphasized
reflections of reality.The energy of her imagination somehow reminds us
of capturing a fast moving feature.The artist chooses her unique method
of reflecting on a natural landscape in a subjective manner.It seems as
if colors in her work were not laid on by a brush but by the creative
palms of her imaginative hands.Hence Kataryna seeks to fill the
landscapes with her personal emotions and to transform them into
artistic ensembles--conducive to a new mind-set of how to look at a
artistically "treated" nature.

A series of K. Sumarava's pictures is permeated by the theme of
water.The shine of a lake mirrored through the shore grass remindthe moment of the lifting of a theater curtain.Such view-points enrich
the specter of the space-perception.The strong and outspoken desire for
playing with space corresponds to her wish to cast an eye-opening
glance at the true reality, lying beyond the real world.

Art reveals us the inner light of a creative mind. It can present us
with interesting and subtle feelings going beyond the barriers of the
concrete world you see and you are living in.K. Sumarava's work--a
chance to discover the spiritual world of her art through the prism of
her artistic look.

Michail Barasna


  • visual art